Game Developers Carnival is all about bringing together professionals and developers from the game industry in a virtual environment to network about games. Here you can find key presentations from some of our Exhibitors about subjects like how to find a publisher at the Carnival, how to manage game development communities during self-isolation, how to prepare your Unity game for console porting, and more, as well as the booth videos from all of our Exhibitors. We hope you enjoy them, and find them useful.

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Hypercasual 2.0
Netmarble EMEA

The trends in the market are changing very fast and game companies adapting to these changes always win. When we observe the data of the games staying in the top charts, we see that they usually stay there for a few months until players switch to a better or just a new hyper-casual game. Hypercasual games are consumed very fast due to their simple and uncompetitive nature.

So, publishers have two choices; they need to catch the trends very quickly and publish hypercasual games constantly or publish more complex hypercasual games, which we call hypercasual 2.0 so that success can be more sustainable. I see players' expectations from hypercasual games increase and successful hypercasual gamers will evolve to hypercasual 2.0 by adding some RPG features.

Preparing your Unity Game for Console Porting
Huey Games

Top tips for preparing your Unity game for porting onto PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Managing Game Dev Communities During Self-Isolation


Jonathan Munoz - Genvid Technologies, Business Development Manager - Moderator
Will Lewis - Portland Indie Game Squad, Founder and Lead Community Organizer
Dan Butchko - Playcrafting, Founder and CEO
Tiffany Otto - Indiecade, Director of Partnerships
Chris DeLeon -, Founder and Operator

With restrictions on in-person gatherings, game dev communities have needed to adjust how they support one another. Learn how our panelists have dealt with these new challenges including how they:

  • Continue to foster communication and collaboration between their members
  • Operate playtests and gather feedback remotely
  • Serve as a steady social anchor for both the morale and sanity of the community
Finding the Right Publisher for you at Game Developers Carnival
The Powell Group

Jay Powell will walk you through how to find the right publisher for your game at the event by evaluating exactly what your game needs. He'll also cover how to research your publisher, what to put in your introduction and meeting request and what you need to be able to show and answer during your meeting.

The 5 Hard Truths about Selling In-Game Merchandise
(and Partnering with Big Brands)

Major brands, like Nike and Audi, are partnering with the most forward-thinking games, utilizing creative product placement schemes in games to reward players with branded merchandise. In addition to increasing revenues for developers, strategically placed incentives seamlessly create player engagement, retention, and loyalty for the games.

Game Developer Carnival - All Exhibitor Videos

Here you can find videos from all of the Exhibitors that are being presented during Game Developers Carnival in one spot.
Game Developers Carnival is a completely virtual gaming industry event where attendees can interact and meet with representatives from over 70 exhibitors at their virtual booths while exploring the carnival and rides, all from the comfort of their own home or office. Check out the Exhibitors who will be participating in the Game Developers Carnival.

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